The Night Before Guy Fawkes

Here in New Zealand it’s Monday night, 4 November, the night before Guy Fawkes night and the letting off of fireworks. Not that people have been put off by the date! Tonight, and every night for the last few days, bangs and crackers have been filling the night air. As I write I’ve twice heard the woosh of sky rockets rushing into the sky.

I wonder why people are so intent in sending all their hard earned money up in smoke? The whole idea of letting off fireworks on Guy Fawkes night has become a money making, fireworks lighting, silly kind of a ritual. Do any of the people letting off fireworks either know or think about why we do it on November 5th?

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight so I can stay up and watch the colourful displays in the sky tomorrow night, the real date of Guy Fawkes celebrations.

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