Saturday Morning at the Bottom of the World

Some of you may not be aware of this, but New Zealand is the first country in the world to see the light of a new day, not only a new day but also a new month and a new year. We made a big thing of this way back at the turn of the century when we were the first to welcome the new millennium.

This difference became apparent when I started blogging just a couple of short months ago. Many of you will be relaxing on Friday night as you read this, knowing the weekend lies ahead. I’m sitting here on Saturday morning, looking at the dishes on the bench demanding attention and the vacuum cleaner trying to throw itself into my hands. I refuse to let my thoughts dwell on all the regular weekend chores. The only problem with starting the weekend ahead of the rest of the world is Monday come around more quickly as well. So those of you in the northern hemisphere can sit back on Sunday night and spare me a thought as I trundle off to face my working week.

This is my time, when I make myself a cup of coffee and treat myself to personal time, before my conscience takes over and insists I get on with real life. This is my time to read my favourite blogs. Many blogs have captured my attention since I started writing here. This is my time to be inspired by the words of writers I’ve come to admire. The rest of the weekend can wait.

There’s another difference I have with bloggers in the rest of the world, I stare out my window at an autumn world. The sky is grey today and a light, drizzling rain is falling. This rain is welcome here in New Zealand, as we’ve had the hottest, driest summer in many years. The morning is warm and as I write the clouds are starting to part, letting a little blue sky peep through.

If the world could be frozen at any one point in time, what a fascinating array of situations we’d be greeted with as people go about their daily lives. Fortunately the world doesn’t stand still and we go about our lives wherever we are. I’ve developed a new fascination, that of making contact with people in different parts of the world experiencing different time frames from my own. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning at the Bottom of the World

  1. Gosh, I’d never thought of it like that!! I know you’re ahead of us, but it never really struck how you might feel about it! Thanks Val – enjoy the rest of Saturday!!

  2. Sooo Val
    If you and I were born on the same day, in the same month, at the same time, you would be OLDER than me. yippeeee lol

  3. You know, Val, Johnny and I live only about fifty miles apart. It is strange to see him commenting on the blog of a mutual friend on the other side of the world. I was just thinking that although your week starts before ours your weekend is there while many of us over here are struggling to work on a Friday morning. I do agree that the internet is amazing.

  4. Val,
    Greetings from the United States, where we’re still living in the past. Well, New Zealand’s past. I really like your blog. Thanks for following mine.

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