What Do Driftwood and Writers Have in Common?

The last few weeks I’ve wandered a few deserted winter beaches here in New Zealand, letting my thoughts wander where they will. As I sat in the car one rainy day, looking over the driftwood on the stony beach, my mind started thinking about the stories of the wood. Each of those pieces had their own story – their own starting point and the adventure they’d taken down the river into the harbour.


I picked up my pen and started to write, having no idea where my thoughts would take me. I imagined how each piece of driftwood had cast it’s story into the ocean before being washed up onto the beach.

Isn’t that what we do as writers? We release the stories that lay deep within us, letting them free to find their own landing place in the world. Don’t hold of your stories too long. Cast them out for others to read before it is too late and you too become beached in your final resting place.

Make a start today, start writing your stories. There are others out here who would love to read them.

Well, I Did It!

Okay, I know my presence here is not something more than a wee speck of dust that is so easily over looked. That’s my own fault, allowing myself to become far too enthusiastic about far too many things.


I came on here for the first time in weeks this morning and noticed my previous post here was about the Flash Fiction story I intended writing and submitting for a local competition. Well, I thought maybe I should report, with pride i might add, that I managed to write the story and get it entered it on time.

Now I’m caught up with this whole Flash Fiction genre. I’m hooked. It’s not easy writing a story in less than 300 words. It’s challenging, but I loved every minute of it.

My next challenge is even shorter, 250 words, on the topic of Sugar. Sugar? What story can be constructed with sugar as a theme in less than 250 words? I have no idea, but as I have less than a week to write the story something had better pop into my mind soon!


Writing the Stories of Ordinary Lives

Memoir or life story writing is for the rich and famous, isn’t it? Most certainly not!

Every one of us has stories to tell, no matter how ordinary we may think our lives are. Think of the last time you were with a group of people – someone no doubt entertained the group with a story of something from their own life. Maybe you were the storyteller, holding you audience as you related your tale.

Life stories can be written for a never-ending list of reasons. Some people want to record family history for future generations. Others feel their life experiences should be documented before they’re forgotten.

Ordinary, everyday life from my New Zealand childhood in the 1950s and 1960s is the main focus of my own recent writing. Daily life from these years is not yet well documented and could be in danger of being forgotten if not written down.

Writing is a personal thing. Whether you write for your eyes only, for a limited audience of family and friends, or for wider publication, the simple stories from your life are worth recording.

I look forward to sharing some of my own life stories here, as well as passing on some of the many writing tips gleaned from others along the way. Please stop by often to share my writing journey with me.

Perhaps you’ll be motivated to put your own stories into words. I’d love to hear about it if you do.