Invite Shoes into Your Stories

Shoes make a statement about the wearer, as well as serving a practical purpose. Shoes add drama to the stories they appear in.  Imagine Cinderella’s thoughts as she raced from the ball at midnight, losing a shoe on the way.

My childhood shoes said more about my mother than myself. Black lace-up shoes handed down from boy cousins covered my feet throughout my early school days. Brown roman sandals couldn’t compare with the pretty red or white sandals other girls wore. My mother had a disinterested relationship with shoes.

Shoes take you places, enabling things to happen. Remember the shoes you wore as you danced the night away at your first ball, the boots you kicked your first goal with on the sporting field, or the horror of discovering the odd coloured shoes you wore to your job interview.

Shoes put up with loving care or abuse, with under use or over use, but they remain loyal friends. They suffer the indignity of smelly, misshapen feet or delight in the pretty manicured toenails peeping out from them.

Next life story you write, remember your shoes. Consider the colour and emotions connected to the event you’re writing about. Reward the shoes from your past with a second life. Make them another character in your story.

Remembering Childhood Shoes