New Book, New Writing

Two years can disappear as fast as water rushing down a plug hole when you’re immersed in a writing project. That is an excuse, not an explanation, for my absence here. Now that my writing project is finished and my transition to full-time writer is complete I’m excited about renewing my presence here.

The social history project mentioned in my previous post back in 2015 has come to an end and the book, Down at the Baths is about to be launched next week. I’ll post a sneak preview of the cover here and more details about it will follow shortly.


New projects are lined up and my writing life is looking exciting – to me anyway. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you

A Book I Couldn’t Put Down

I’ve just finished reading a book, in less than 24 hours. Not often these days do I allow myself the luxury of picking up a book and devoting most of my attention to it until I’ve finished reading. Not often these days does a book hold me so I say what the hang, I need to keep going, I need to know how this ends.

I’ve wanted to finish reading this book for a long time. A  children’s book, maybe more of a teen or Young adult book, I’ve had the privilege as a day relief teacher of reading the beginning of this story several times, but I’ve never had the privilege of finishing. Last night, looking for something new to read, I turned to Amazon for a Kindle book. I typed in the title and found I had the opportunity  of finding out what happened in this story.

Last night I skimmed through the first few chapters, ones I’d already read three or four times. This afternoon,  knowing I had about an hour to spare, I continued.  How did one  hour turn into a longer period? Where had the afternoon gone? As I read, the book began to make more and more sense. No way I could put it down, until I knew how it ended.

Often I read a book and somewhere between the halfway point and the end I realise  the final chapters will fall into place in a predictable way. With this book I thought I knew how it would end, but continued to be surprised.

So what made this book so hard to put down? The two main characters attracted sympathy, pleading to the reader to hope  right would eventually win over wrong. The book provided  the pre story in such a way I guessed  the ending would  bring the family history of one of the characters to a justifiable end. I never suspected the second character also had his family roots intermingling with the main character further back in time.

But, one of the main reasons I rate this book highly is, realising the end was close, I said to my husband, this is a book I wish I’d written. I envied the author his skills in the way the book had been written. I want to read the book again.

By now you’re probably asking, but what is this book that has occupied a whole day of my life? Remember, this is a children’s or young adults book. The title is ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. I’m not going to talk about the plot, you can find that out for yourselves. The book is available as an e-book on Kindle and I’m sure you’ll be able to locate a physical copy, though here in New Zealand I hadn’t been too successful in doing that, other than borrowing it from one of the schools I work in.

I hate finishing a good book. I’m sitting here now with an empty feeling, hoping the next book I choose to read will capture me in such a powerful way. I wonder, is this possible?