A Successful Book Launch

After three years of researching, writing, networking and self promotion my book, Down at the Baths, has been launched and is now out in the public arena, thus contributing to the local history of not only my city, but of all New Zealanders.

Organising one’s own book launch is an exhausting and time consuming process, but oh so rewarding. You see, being in charge of everything myself I knew the event would run smoothly.

When writing for a niche market as I did, local history and swimming communities, it’s possible to network well ahead and create an interest long before the event happens. Because of this the launch was supported by the local Mayor and Councillors, by families of the baths custodians, local historians and one time swimmers, as well as family and friends.

You see, public swimming pools have always been an important part of the New Zealand lifestyle. And in the years 1917 to 1966 that this book covers, there wasn’t a lot else for young people to do, so we were always down at the baths.

Sales on the night were good and now I move into my next role, of selling the books that remain.

If ever you are faced with having to launch and promote your own book, don’t be afraid. There are plenty of people out there willing to help you. You just need to seek them out. And I’m always willing to answer your questions.

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Marketing a Self Published Book – Tips for Beginner Writers

First of all, let me make this clear, I am not an expert when it comes to self publishing a book. In fact I’m a mere beginner.  My journey to publish my first book, ‘West End the Best End – School Memories from the 1950s continues to be  an incredible learning curve. I’m now beginning to reap the rewards. Therefore I’m sharing my story with others who may also be starting out on this journey.

Writing the book seemed relatively easy compared to what I’m now trying to achieve. But, like many other writers, I thrive on challenges and am determined  this will work for me. A good dose of self belief and an awareness of my target audience should go a long way in my book’s self promotion.

Every book, self published or not, deserves a party and so the book launch is a vital part of the marketing plan. This requires effort from the self published author, but, in my case, it is definitely worth the preparation. Invite those people most likely to support you and buy your book on the night. After all, you’re looking for sales and happy readers will spread the news of your work word of mouth.

Social media should be a strong point in any marketing plan. Decide on your target audience and go after them. Regular postings on both Facebook and Twitter have attracted  book sales since my book launch and hopefully will continue to do so. Personal e-mails sent to a target audience of organisations and individuals are the next step of my marketing strategy. The first handful of these e-mails sent out resulted in two firm sales.

If you’ve written a book worth reading, target your potential audience and use every promotional tool you can think of. This is no time to be shy and modest about your publication. Your book deserves as wide a readership as you can get for it. Decide to enjoy the marketing process and you should be rewarded by the success you deserve.

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