Preparing for Non-Fiction Print Publication


When you self-publish,Β the research and writing are the easy parts. The real work begins after the last full-stop is placed on the page.

First there is the editing. I was fortunate to have funding this time and so for the last year I’ve worked with a wonderful mentor / editor throughout the writing. This had many advantages as I learned how to correct my mistakes as I wrote. The final edit was certainly made easier because of this. Consistency was an early challenge, making sure that things such as dates, numbers, titles and punctuation were treated the same way throughout the book. However, the regular monthly contact with my editor soon helped me iron out all my early irregularities.

Citing references was another challenging process, especially as I wasn’t as thorough as I should have been in the early stages. Then there were the photos, deciding which to use and whether I had permission to do so. Some fell into the too-hard basket and as my self-imposed publishing deadline approached I omitted them.

Eventually I felt my work was done, just days before I was due to deliver the manuscript to the designer at the printery. But that is another story.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for Non-Fiction Print Publication

  1. It is a very long journey isn’t it! I couldn’t afford an editor so I edited my books about three times. I think they look good and am satisfied that I’ve done my best, but my books, so far, have been e-books. My latest project, to set the first one up for publishing as a paperback with Createspace, has been a huge challenge, and an equally huge learning curve. Just as you said, the writing is the easy part, it’s after that last full stop that the hard work starts! πŸ™‚

    • It was exhausting as my own agent and such for organising the launch, but so rewarding when it all worked out. Well worth all the work. We are lucky in NZ to have access to may print self-publishing opportunities.

      • I’ve been going it completely alone Val. We live in the depths of rural France, and my French is minimal, so no support, and definitely no book launch! Mind you, although I’ve written four books they’ve all been e-books until recently. I’m currently waiting for the proof of my first paperback to arrive from Createspace!! Exciting! In the meantime I’m preparing book number two. I agree, it’s exhausting at times. Setting up a manuscript correctly for publishing has been a huge learning curve! 😡 It took me two days to figure out page numbering! Mr Google is my only help and after a while my brain goes numb. Good for you for sticking to it right to the end. πŸ˜€πŸ“•πŸ“–πŸ“š

      • I can understand what you’re going through Jude, as for my first book I winged it alone! Feel free to ask any questions as I’ve definitely had a lot of learning experiences! This is an exciting time for you.

      • Thanks Val, it’s really nice being able to share and discuss writing. A lot of my challenges have been with the basics of word processing. My hubby runs our computers on the Linux operating system, as opposed to Windows, and I use LibreOffice for word processing. Windows seems much more generally used and there are applications you can use with it that are not available for Linux systems. So sometimes I flounder! It was interesting setting up the template for the book and figuring out margins, then came the dreaded page numbering! The LibreOffice help forum must have thought I’m completely dozy!! I tell you I now have copious notes made so I can refer to them next time. I may well have a question or three for you in the future! 😊

      • Glad you feel you’re getting there. Sadly for you all my knowledge rests on using Windows. Yes, it is great being able to discuss writing on here, isn’t it!

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