New Year, New Writing

Time seems to pass so quickly, they say it’s a sign of getting older. But, somehow 2014 disappeared, in a flourish I might add, and the new year is already into its fifth day here in New Zealand. That has been just enough time to start getting my writing life back on track, to set a few priorities and prepare to put it all in action.
I’ve been floating around a little over the last twelve months. Writing needs commitment and mine took a holiday. My writing progress has been higgledy-piggledy for the last year, blame too much immersion in a couple of delightfully time wasting online projects. But the time has come to be strong, to move forward with the writing I always intended to do.
The first of those projects is a return to more shaping and crafting, more challenges in the way of writing longer pieces and submitting them somewhere. The first piece is well under way, meandering toward a probable submission to a new New Zealand journal – non-paying, but oh the thrill if it’s accepted.
The other major 2015 project is my proposed local social history book. Research has been on hold for over a month and I need to give myself a shake up and reappear at the library archives.
So there it is, 2015 is officially labelled a writing year for me and I’m rather excited. Hopefully I’ll be more regular in sharing along the way. Happy New Year to you all.


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