A Writing Quote Many Writers Relate To

Sometimes when I’m staring at a blank page or screen, I choose from my collection of books and read one about writing, written by people with a vast range of talent and experience. When particular words of wisdom spark my interest I add them  to my section above, Favourite Writing Quotes.

I came across one last night that left me thinking ‘Great! I’m not the only one.’  Have you ever showered, walked around or driven along with your character talking to you? Maybe you are immersed in the setting, picturing it and describing it to yourself in your head. Or you think of a great writing idea and explore it in the silence of your mind.

I knew exactly what Joyce Carol Oates was talking about when I read this quote:

If you are a writer you locate yourself behind a wall of silence and no matter what you are doing, driving a car or walking or doing housework … you can still be writing, because you have that space. – Joyce Carol Oates

As I’ve slowly immersed myself in my new Work in Progress I’ve found myself more and more in this state lately, as if trapped safely inside a bubble, hoping no one will dare try to pop the bubble and invade my thinking / writing space.

At times it isn’t a safe space, as I become oblivious to the world around me, not really fully in tune with traffic on the road, other pedestrians or a chair in a room I’d forgotten I’d rearranged.

But, that space is where I go to get lots of writing done before I actually put anything down. What about you? Do you find yourself inhabiting your own little world?

And, don’t forget to check out my favourite quotes above, there may be one or two there that help you along the writing path.


1 thought on “A Writing Quote Many Writers Relate To

  1. Most definitely – and it’s getting worse! Sometimes you get so embroiled in your own little world that (a) you have no idea what’s going on in the real world and (b) you get very angry when someone breaks into it! Great post Val. 🙂

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