Relaxed on Saturday Morning


This seems to be coming a habit, writing about Saturday morning. I’ve greeted the world a little later than usual and there’s no rush to make choices about the order things get done. I’m practised at ignoring the breakfast dishes in the sink and the weekly attempt at housework – how can two people and a cat make so much mess? Blame the cat I say.

Anyway, I had a little blog piece all ready to be written, a sensible little piece calling for attention when I went to bed last night. I came to the computer with my scribblings in my notebook and my coffee in my hand, ready to read the latest posts in my Reader.

This morning’s offerings are really Friday nights for most of you, as I’m writing this tucked away in the distant land of New Zealand. Obviously bloggers are in a relaxed mood as they pound away at the keys on Friday night, fuelled by the freedom of the weekend ahead. I started smiling and chuckling, until outright laughter escaped into the morning. A few new – to me – bloggers captured my attention this week. I’m discovering clever and funny people waiting to entertain me.

Outside the day is grey and wet, a good day for staying inside writing and ignoring housework while I read the funny stories written by others. But, now I realise I have a problem. How could I possibly contemplate serious stuff on a Saturday morning?

Saturday needs to be light-hearted and today several good role models demonstrate how to let the humour flow. I’ve told myself, stop being so serious girl, relax, laugh at yourself a bit more. Maybe that’s the secret to successful blog posts, the ability to laugh at one self and be more entertaining. I’m going to need a bit of practice to get that skill flowing freely.

Meanwhile, the serious piece can wait until a more suitable time. I’m going to approach Saturday as it deserves – relaxed and with a smile on my face, thanks to the entertaining blog posts I read over coffee. First though, I need to go pour another coffee.

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