Reminder to Myself – The Need for Consistency

I’ve been reading lots of sound blogging advice lately, information worth reading. Some of the advice was new to me and contained a few things I need to get my head around here in this blogging world. Other things I was familiar with, but had allowed to drift into the back of my awareness and needed to be reminded of. I am grateful for both kinds of information.

One thing I still need to establish  as I start out on this blogging life is consistency in my posting. Saying it has been a crazy year is just an excuse. My posts so far have appeared more as an element of surprise, dropping unexpectedly out of no where. For this reason I’m grateful for the followers who read regularly and to those who pop in here from time to time.

Next week I start a new job, with consistent hours, so I know what I’m doing when. This will provide me with more time and energy for writing, including blogging. I enjoy following blogs with a daily theme to their posts, so readers know what to expect when. I’m going to try and do the same, though this may be a habit that takes time to become consistent. My initial aim is to become more consistent in the regularity of my posts.

I’d love to read others thoughts on this need for consistency. I’m sure, if I can achieve it, this will be worth attempting. Please share  any tips you may on how you achieve this.

5 thoughts on “Reminder to Myself – The Need for Consistency

  1. I just try to blog weekly. Sometimes I manage more than that, but not always. I find that the most important thing is to keep up with the blog posts of others you admire. A lot of bloggers want to be appreciated for their own work just as much (or more) as given your new posts to read.

    When I keep up with them, they keep up with me… no matter how sparsely I blog.

    Personal thing I’ve noticed about my blog reading habits: when a blogger posts daily or more, I stop reading and start skimming. It’s too much to keep up with when I follow so many blogs. Weekly or a few times a week = sweet spot, in my opinion. 🙂

    • Thanks for that, I have been thinking I can be consistent with three posts a week. Nice to know your thoughts about over do. 3 a week leaves me time to read others as well.

  2. I am still trying to find my blogging feet myself and like you, have read lots of advice on the subject. Some seem to suggest that you should blog daily, others three times a week and some once a week. I think maybe it just comes down to how often you are able to fit it in and whether or not you have anything to say. I am trying (loosely) to create a theme for my blog as I don’t want to be talking about writing all of the time, but I have no idea if it’s working or not. Sometimes I think it may just appear to be random. Who knows? Can’t wait to find out if your thoughts work for you. Good luck in your new job 🙂

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