Dead Ideas Sent to the Morgue

Sometimes things are meant to be, or not meant to be as is the case for me right now. I went to bed early tonight, tired after an early start to a busy day.  My brain, however, had other plans. Elusive Ideas swirling above me all afternoon in a game of tag now decided to come close enough to be caught. I turned on the light, grabbed my pencil – my preferred writing tool – and the notebook I keep beside the bed for such moments.Sleep wouldn’t come until those ideas were captured.

Ping! Without warning the room plunged into darkness. Why hadn’t I listened when I told myself to buy a couple of new spare light bulbs today? I refused to be defeated and grabbed my laptop sitting beside the bed for such middle of the night emergencies.

For some reason, when the light went out it did so in more ways than one. The ideas laughed at how daring they’d been to tempt me into full wakefulness and ran away to hide, leaving me sitting staring at a blank computer screen.

I could do a little research, perhaps find out something about the morgue that sat on the site before the old swimming pool was built in 1917. Have you ever tried to find out about morgues long since closed? The lights were definitely out on that idea. Google shook its head and refused to part with any information about morgues in my part of the world. Maybe I need to establish one for dead ideas.

So, here I sit, wide awake, tapping away at the keyboard lit only by the light of the screen. I may as well make use of my time. Next I’ll check out a few recent blog posts before trying to drift off to sleep again. Light bulbs will definitely be on my shopping list tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Dead Ideas Sent to the Morgue

  1. LOL I often go to sleep with a question or set of ideas and often or not I have a answer when I wake. I do believe the brain keeps on working on problems whiles we are asleep, e.g I couldn’t remember the name of a song last night, but this morning I knew it right away.
    But like you Val when I can not sleep, you will often find me sitting at the key board working on my next piece.

  2. Doesn’t that drive you mad..! It’s so annoying when you wake up buzzing and then you can’t remember why – and then you can’t get back to sleep! At least it birthed a blog post..! Good luck with the research..!

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