If the Wind Changes Your Face will Stay Like That

My parents threw many superstitious sayings at me when I was a child, no doubt to keep me in line. I enjoyed pulling faces, as most kids do still, and my father constantly reminded me, if the wind changes your face will stay like that. I have to admit, I believed him and often found myself stopping mid face contortion and resuming my normal appearance.

Many of these old superstitions are grounded in truth, or have some sort of logical explanation for their existence.  I’ve searched for an answer, but never figured out this wind change one. We lived in a windy town, so wind changes were quite the norm. I tried justifying the possibility of face changes in my childish mind. Maybe the sudden change frightened the face muscles to such an extent they could never return to normal.

I laugh now at the nonsense our parents fed us in the past and even more so remembering how we believed them. I guess they felt if they put fear into us we’d stop our annoying habits. I wonder if parents ever tried convincing in a positive way, if you smile sweetly and the wind changes, your face will stay like that. Somehow I don’t think so.

Did your parents bring you up on superstitious sayings? And, if you believed them, why? I look forward to reading your answers.

5 thoughts on “If the Wind Changes Your Face will Stay Like That

  1. Hi Val
    My parents said the same to me about the wind, but I don’t remember the others, but I am sure there were many, keeping on the wind theme, I do remember my grandfather used to say at times of flatulence.
    “Where ever you may go, where ever you may be, always let you wind go free”
    And I would often get this retort from my mother
    “Ask a silly question and you’ll get a silly answer”

  2. O, yes, about everything. Black cats crossing your path is bad luck; spreading salt is having a fight, seeing a chimney sweep is good luck, don’t do stupid faces, when it’s 12 o’clock it will stay that way, when you have a penny, you will never get a dollar, and so many more of these utterances.
    I had a time I lived in fear, because of this, but when I grew older I thought by myself, these things getting true, because you think they are true. You lead them in the direction of the thinking, so I changed the direction. Black cats crossing, became good luck, spreading salt is only to cleaning it up, and so on 🙂

  3. Well, this isn’t superstitious, but I remember very clearly my father always telling me, “If you don’t stop________(fill in the blank), then I’m going to knock your head off.” Taking him very literally, I always pictured my head rolling across the floor and tried to fatham how painful that would be. But, being a typical child, I continued to push my limits despite that threat of decapitation. I’ve never heard the one about the wind changing, I’ll have to use that one on my own children.

  4. I love crusty bread and have eaten it all my life – and darn it my hair is still straight! So much for ‘eat your crusts they’ll make your hair curl!’ And I’m now eating carrots at a furious rate but my eyesight just gets worse rather than better! There were so many of those lovely little sayings. 🙂

  5. I went out into the world again the other day (I don’t get out much) and while I was supermarket shopping this girl passed me with a permanent “duckface” – made me wonder if the wind had changed and this actually a thing!

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