A Play Date with Alliteration

The monthly writing group meeting looms, less than twelve hours away now. My homework is almost finished. Homework you ask? Yes, we call our monthly writing challenge homework. Each month one writer sets a challenge topic for members to experiment with and read to the next meeting. How we deal with the topic is our choice, even ignoring it and writing about something else is acceptable.

Sometimes I dig deep into hidden treasures, finding something previously written, something tucked away and almost forgotten. This month the topic, ‘At the Committee Meeting’ sent me into total panic. I’m currently on a committee having some challenging moments and the less I think about them the better.

I do like responding to challenges though and this year my goal is to attempt each challenge, no matter how difficult it seems. I lay in bed last night, sleep promising to elude me until I came up with an idea achievable in twenty four hours. I pictured a woman, one woman, older than myself, tight curls, a hardened look on her face, demanding to be heard. I gave her a name, Mabel. Now please don’t ask me where that name came from, but she opened the door to my imagination. I’d gifted myself a group of older women, all with old fashioned names, Mabel, Maude, Muriel, Martha and Maisie.

Their names suggested character traits and an idea emerged.  I’d make writing about a committee fun. All the ‘M’ words I’d ever imagined marched into my head and matched with a name on the list. By now I couldn’t sleep, I had an idea to play with. The time had come to become familiar with Alliteration again.

My committee women deserved a memorable introduction to the world. Sentences, short, sharp, alliterative sentences bounced in bursts onto the page. I turned off the light to let the women fend for themselves.

This morning, twelve hours still until the meeting, I’m relaxed. With a little tweaking I’ll have a playful piece to read tonight. I’m not in disgrace. I’ve enjoyed playing with words, creating powerful personalities. My homework challenge can be read to the group.

Alliteration is a wonderful writing tool, providing fun for both the writer and reader through stunning sentences and phrases. Next time you’ve no idea what to write, why not invite Alliteration around for a play date. Who knows what refreshing writing you may create together.

2 thoughts on “A Play Date with Alliteration

  1. Johnny, writing groups are supportive and helpful. If you make enquiries you may find one already exists in your area. really loved your prose piece 🙂

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