Colourful Threads Add Texture to Your Writing

In the early days of writing our stories, preserving memories from the past, knowing how to include enough detail to make everyday events more interesting can be difficult. Often a photo is the only trigger needed to unleash a flood of memories and keep the writing moving along.

One such photo, randomly picked from a pile, boosted my writing this week, reminding me of things I’d long since forgotten. I held the 1950s photo in my hand and, although I could no longer remember the story behind the photo, the sight of my childhood clothing unravelled an unexpected thread as I wrote.

Posing for the photographer

Like Little Red Riding Hood, wrapped in her bright red cape, my mother chose red as the dominant colour in which to dress me. I picked up this red thread and wove it throughout my piece of writing, from a pretty red dress with an embroidered cat pocket to a red swim suit that became less than complimentary when wet. The memories of the girl dressed in red came alive as I wrote.

Colour is an important part of our lives. Like smell, colour can evoke amazing memories. Take hold of the colours of your past and watch the interesting texture develop as you thread the colours into your writing.

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2 thoughts on “Colourful Threads Add Texture to Your Writing

  1. Congrats for creating your own blog. As you have noticed I haven’t written since June on my blog. Illness is getting the best of me. Thank you for visiting my website As soon as I write another article I will give your blog a “shout out”. By the way, very nice picture.

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